How The "Juice Fix"
Transformed My Life!

The Old Unhappy Me (205)

At Age 57, I was 5'5 and 205 Pounds. If you had told me I would be fitting into my clothes from my pre kid life, I would have said you were crazy!

Hi, my name is Kathy.  I've been married for 28 years and am a mom of 2 with 4 grandchildren.  I just recently found a way to reclaim my figure and life...

I used to long for the days in my 20s and early 30s when I...

⭕ had endless energy

⭕ kept a petite figure without diets and loads of exercise

⭕ enjoyed food and drinks without second thought

⭕ didn't feel like I had to cover up at the beach or pool

⭕ stayed in great shape without going to the gym

⭕ felt confident in all my clothes

⭕ wasn't constantly thinking about how to change myself

And Then I Turned 40 & It All Went Downhill In A HEARTBEAT...

My once thin and fit body had started to pack on the pounds in all the wrong places in the blink of an eye.

My metabolism, which had always been fast, had suddenly come to a screeching HALT.

My energy was depleted and I was feeling worse and worse.

I tried to sleep more, up to 12 hours a night, but I was still exhausted.

It wasn't until our 25th anniversary cruise to the Bahamas that I saw just how bad my health had become.

Shockingly, there was a digital scale in our bathroom.  Our home scale broke years ago, and I was in no rush to replace it.

I couldn't help but step on...I was shocked to see the number-205.

Looking in the mirror, I was ashamed of the person I saw.  How could I let myself get to this point!?

I spent the rest of the trip obsessing over what I had seen, and on the last night I made a decision: it was time to take control of my own health.

I Was Going to Get My Old Body Back No Matter What!

I hit the ground running (literally) as SOON as I got back.

Despite going on daily walks and watching everything I ate, I hadn't been able to lose a pound.

Six months in and I was losing motivation after my "aha" moment on the cruise..

I had tried EVERYTHING:


–juice cleanses


–gluten free

…just to name a few.  Not only did they not work, I felt miserable while doing them and got so discouraged by the lack of results.

Thank Heavens I Went To The Store That One Afternoon...

I ran into my old friend Denise who looked like she came right out of a magazine.

She was wearing skinny jeans and a tight top. I thought of the outfits in my closet from my lighter days right away.

I NEEDED to know what she was doing!





Her doctor recommended a newly discovered “Juice Fix”.

She couldn’t stop talking about how fast it worked and how she wished she discovered it sooner.

I couldn't get on the phone fast enough.

I Was Completely Shocked By What My Doctor Told Me!

He casually told me, "Kathy, don't worry; you've done nothing wrong."

He then spoke in a hushed voice and shared the "Juice Fix" he had recently discovered.

He said it was backed by groundbreaking scientific research and offered three unbelievable benefits:

1. No need to change what you eat

2.Keep a slim physique while enjoying pizza and burgers

3.It worked really fast

He handed me a paper with a website on it, saying, "All the info is right here."

I was so intrigued that I watched the video on my phone in the doctor's parking lot, and by the end I was convinced that this was the answer I was looking for.

97% Of People Have Never Heard Of This Method...

Come to find out, I was RIGHT. My husband noticed the difference as well; it was clear that there had been a resurgence of enthusiasm in our relationship, even at our age!

He decided to start using the same juice recipe that I had been using, proving that it is effective for both men and women.

There are several other positive changes I've seen too...

✅ My waistline shrunk
✅ The number on the scale dramatically declined
✅ I had more energy
✅ I could even fit into my pre-birth jeans
✅ I had more of an appetite which was odd because most diets try to make you eat less

For Once, I Put Myself First & Trusted My Heart & Not My Head

When Denise told me about her unusual juice fix, I could have easily ignored her.

The Happy Me!

But I decided to push away my skepticism and give it a chance.

Now, I am SO glad I did!

I feel like I have become my true self and I don't have to worry about my health anymore.

I want to spread this amazing story to anyone who has faced similar struggles that I have.

If you're going through the same thing, I highly recommend that you watch the video.

It truly changed my life and it might just do the same for you.

Don't waste any more time searching for a solution.

Watch the video below to see how the simple juice fix can change everything!

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